HP Compaq S710 multimedia ovladač stažení zdarma (ver. 2.­50 A)

Na této stránce je stažení vždy zdarma HP Compaq S710 multimedia ovladač pro Monitory.

HP Compaq S710 multimedia (ver. 2.­50 A) MSZIP spušteno 2001.10.01.

Složka stažena 4 krát a byla viděna 5351 krát.

Kategorie Monitory
Značka HP
Zařízení Compaq S710 multimedia
Operační systém Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98
Verze 2.­50 A
Typ složky 1.88 Mb
Typ složky MSZIP
Spuštěno 2001.10.01
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Compaq Monitors Windows INF/­ICM Software for HP Compaq S710 multimedia Monitor Type: Driver - Display /­ Monitor For Microsoft Windows 95,­ 98 and ME users,­ this copies the Compaq Commercial Monitor INF file "Cpq_­mon.­inf" and all of the ICM color profiles for supported monitors into the appropriate Microsoft Windows folders.­ For Microsoft Windows 2000,­ this presents a list of the following monitors for the user to select in order to properly install their digital signature files: S550,­ S720 (North America),­ V570,­ V710,­ V720,­ P700,­ P710,­ P910,­ P1210,­ and TFT7010 A Windows 2000 specific INF "Cpq_­mon2k.­inf" is copied to the appropriate Windows folder in order to provide support for all of the other non-digitally signed monitors.­ This Softpaq also removes any previous Compaq Commercial Monitor INF files in order to minimize duplicate monitor names that would appear inside of the Windows Display control panel.­ CPQ_­MON.­INF - An information file that configures the appropriate driver CPQ_­MON2k.­INF for Compaq Commercial Monitors.­ *.­ICM - ICM stands for Image Color Matching.­ These are data files that are used in conjunction with some graphics programs to provide consistent color matching from monitor screen to printer,­ or from scanner to the monitor screen.­

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